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All our tees are 100% sweatshop free and 100% quality in every way. They are super soft and you'll notice the difference when wearing them. We also beleive that everyone should wear our tees so they are all unisex, and comes in variety of sizes - we go up to 4XL. There is something for everyone.

Our main reason we went behind and started using Bella Canvas is the quality and care they take to create such high quality tees.

Bella Canvas is one of the largest manufactures of tees, and they are all sown domestically in USA. This means that their workers are getting paid well and are in great working conditions. 

Bella Canvas also partners with international partners around the globe that have high standards. They sure that the raw materials which are made are sweatshop free! Bella Canvas is a great company with great ethics and we are happy to be partnered with them to create the highest quality tees that you can get! 

If you are intererested in learning more about our manufacturer, check out this blog here 

We are dropping tees for you continually and here is your fix on our favs and latest drops of our tees. 

Bellow are our current favourites!


Tigga T-Shirt


Ramen Lovers Club T-Shirt

No Mercy T-Shirt

Loving our picks? We sure do! Check out all our collection on our website and get on quick with our tee sale, we currently running a buy 2 get 20% deal so get it while it lasts!


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