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The week has gone by so fast, and we are already here for top picks of the week! Top picks of the week are what we are loving this week. It is a collection of our current favourites of this week. You might just find something you might not have known we had! So check it out and we will see you next week!
1. Triangular T-shirt
The triangular T-Shirt is a beautiful cream tea, first in our collection. This tee comes in sizes Small to 4 Extra Large. We love to be able to give you a wide variety of size options. All tees are 100% cotton, 100% sweatshop free. We want to give you quality in everything you buy. 
Triangluar T-Shirt
Triangular T-Shirt
Were also loving the print design. It is completely made out of dots. This design just stands out so much yet it is simple and elegant. 
Closeup of design
2. Meow Case
The Meow case is super kawaii! We're loving the vibrancy and the fact that there are ragdolls all over it. Its cute its fun and we absolutely love this case!
Meow Phone Case
Mow Case in iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus
Meow Phone Case
 Instagram Post Photoshoot. iPhone 7 Plus Model
3. Rosé Tee
Rosé Tee is a beautiful design made with our very popular rockstar logo. It is very rock and roll. Such a great design you can use it for any ocassion. All tees are 100% Cotton (Heather colours excluded), 100% Sweatshop free. This tee also comes in a heather forest colour.
Rosé Tee
Rosé T-Shirt in Black

4. Revolutionize Yourself Drawstring Bag
We love our drawstring bag, they are all handmade and are durable. The quality of these bags are great and are very generous. You can comfortably fit a 13" MacBook in a sleeve! So you can imagine how much can fit. You also can feel the sturdy material which means you can fit a lot and not worry about it. This bold design is printed on both sides so you can always show it off.  This drawstring bag is the perfect companion to complete a look, or just use it for every day.
Revolutionize Yourself - Handmade bag
Revolutionize Yourself Drawstring Bag
5. Lucky Cat Tee
Do you want more luck? then how about our lucky cat tee! We absolutely love this tee its cute, fun and super quirky. If you want a basic white tee, make this one yours. So get some more luck in your day with the lucky cat tee!
Lucky Cat Tee
Lucky Cat Tee

Close Up of Lucky Cat Tee
That concludes this week of favourites of this week! We love this weeks picks and we hope you find your new favourite item here! Dont forget we ship worldwide our shipping is all trackable so you will always see where your package is. 
Tell us what your favourites of this weeks are. What are your favourites this week? 
Until Next time, Vanshe Society Team!

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