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For something as simple as collecting shoes, the ever-expanding community of sneakerheads likes to take itself pretty seriously. If you couldn’t rattle off the exact origin story or state how many points Michael Jordan wore when he first debuted a certain model, older, more experienced fans might send a death glare your way. If you just discovered a vintage model for the first time, you could expect a lecture from those who discovered them ten years earlier. From the outside looking in, one could argue that sneakerheads derive superiority in something most would describe as fairly trivial.

As sneaker collecting reaches the mainstream though, a distinctly un-serious trend has bubbled up. While Nike and Jordan make beloved silhouettes more accessible to new customers, and adidas revives its catalog of trainers to newfound success, chunky — and at times downright ugly — footwear has also found its footing. The seemingly orthopedic has suddenly become fashionable.


What do you think of the chunky sneaker trends?


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Article written by Skylar Bergl

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